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HMinfo Occasional Research Papers are individually commissioned research papers on existing or emerging issues in home design and home modifications for older people, for people with disability, or for carers. Read more

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TitleSorted in Ascending order Author Year
A user appraisal of the contribution of built environment factors to the independence and wellbeing of older people in two NSW regional town centres Bridge, C., Davy, L., Kay, M., Li, A., Sivaraman, V., Thorne, J. 2013
Accessible Housing in Australia: HMMinfo Consultation Paper Response Bridge, C. 2005
Basic biomechanical and anatomical principles underpinning grabrail prescription for sit-to-stand transfers Bridge, C. 2003
Caring for the Carer: Home design and modification for carers of young people with disability Adams, T., Bridge, C., Davy, L. 2014
Considerations for Using Anthropometrics to Determine Modifications for Children Bridge, C. 2005
Dementia Design Guidelines: Home and Community Care Capital Works Program Bridge, C., Chaudhary, K., Hodges, L. 2007
Demountable ramps: A qualitative assessment of value for people with mobility impairments. Bridge, C., Jung, Y. 2012
DIY Home Modifications: Point-of-Sale Support for People with Disability and their Carers Positioning Paper Bleasdale, M., Bridge, C., McNamara, N., Zmudzki, F. 2014
DIY Home Modifications: What information is required at point-of-sale? Final Report Bridge, C., Carnemolla, P., Maalsen, S., O'Neil, S., Zmudzki, F. 2016
Evaluation of the national and NSW HACC-funded home modification and home maintenance service usage as reported by the 2001/2002 Bridge, C., Hodges, L. 2007
Follow-up efficacy post environmental modifications; a guide for clinical practice. Bridge, C., Fishpool, J. 2012
HMinfo Case Studies Evaluation Bridge, C. 2005
Home Modifications and Their Impact on Waged Care Substitution Bridge, C., Carnemolla, P. 2014
Home Modifications in Aboriginal Housing Bridge, C., Davy, L., Millikan, L., Walls, R. 2012
Information Needs of Home Modification and Maintenance Services in NSW Bridge, C., Martindale, K. 2002
Information Needs of Occupational Therapists Practicing in NSW Bridge, C., Cowell, F., Mathews, S. 2007
Information Needs of Peak Consumer Organisations within NSW Bridge, C., Cruikshank, A. 2004
Landscape Modification: an alternative to residential access ramps and lifts Bridge, C., Carnemolla, P. 2014
Rural Home Modification: Overview and Policy Issues in Rural and Regional Australia Jung, Y., Millikan, L. 2009
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