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TitleSorted in Ascending order Author Year
Consumer Bulletin: Showering over the bathroom floor drain Joanne Quinn, Lyndal Millikan 2015
Consumer Factsheet: - Selecting Coatings for Tiled Floors. K. Whitfield, C. Bridge & S. Mathews 2006
Consumer Factsheet: Arranging Home Modifications In alphabetical order: Adams, T., Bridge, C., Carnemolla, P., McNamara, N., & Quinn, J. 2014
Consumer Factsheet: Designing home environments for people with aggressive or self-injurious behaviour Lisa Hodges and Catherine Bridge 2007
Consumer Factsheet: Effectiveness of Grabrail Orientations During the Sit-to-Stand Transfer H. Seton, C. Bridge & S. Mathews 2006
Consumer Factsheet: Fire Safety - Smoke Alarms Joanne Quinn 2015
Consumer Factsheet: Grabrail Diameter L. Oram, J. Cameron & C. Bridge 2006
Consumer Factsheet: How can colour affect the ageing eye and the visually impaired? L.Millikan 2009
Consumer Factsheet: How can colours support movement of people with ageing eyes or impaired sight? In alphabetical order: Bridge, C., Lukman, A. 2017
Consumer Factsheet: Landscape Modifications P. Carnemolla and C. Bridge 2013
Consumer Factsheet: Looking at installing your own grabrail? Here are some issues to consider. Gohar, N., Bridge.C & Von Behrens, T. 2008
Consumer Factsheet: Ramps or lifts for residential properties: comparing their costs and benefits Y. M. Jung 2010
Consumer Factsheet: Selecting Doorbells for People with Hearing Impairment F. Lee, C. Bridge & S. Mathews 2006
Consumer Factsheet: Slip resistant floor surfaces Joanne Quinn 2017
Consumer Factsheet: The Effectiveness of Ceiling Hoists in Transferring People with Disability Y. M. Jung & C. Bridge 2009
DIYmodify Factsheet: Accessibility Gillian Barlow 2017
Reeded: Consumer Factsheet Reeded (Ribbed) Timber for Decks, Ramps and Paths J. Cameron & C. Bridge 2003
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