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Provided by the HMinfo Clearinghouse
Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice
Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice


The Home Modification Information Clearinghouse (HMinfo), established in 2002, is an information service that collates, reviews and creates the evidence base for best practice in modification of the home environment to support people with self care, participation and autonomy.

Home modifications are changes made to the home environment to help people to be more independent and safer in their own home and to reduce any risk of injury to their carers and careworkers. Modifications to the home include changes to the structure of the dwelling e.g. widening doors, adding ramps, providing better accessibility etc and the installation of assistive devices inside or outside e.g. grabrails, handrails, lifts etc. Home modifications assist people with disability and older people to be more independent and may reduce the need for ongoing assistance.

HMinfo is located within the faculty of the Built Environment at UNSW Sydney. HMinfo is a multi-disciplinary team comprised of academics and professionals of diverse backgrounds including industrial design, sociology, gerontology, economics, geography, planning, architecture, government policy and occupational therapy. HMinfo team members have many years of practical experience working directly with people in home and community settings and with service providers, industry and prescribing therapists. Our diverse expertise and experience means we are skilled in synthesising research relevant across academia, industry and consumer target groups.

HMinfo publishes evidence-based literature reviews, occasional papers, summary bulletins and factsheets, drawing on research about how particular built environments (i.e. products, materials and services) impact human autonomy and wellbeing outcomes. HMinfo also provides support to practitioners through its Forums and mailing list.

HMinfo also contributes to the development and implementation of evidence-led government policy with respect to older people and their carers and to younger people with disability and their carers.


Our Mission

We collate, review, develop and disseminate evidence-based home modification knowledge in order to enhance the independence and wellbeing of older people and younger people with disability, provide safe working environments for their carers and careworkers, and promote evidence-based best practice among home modification practitioners and prescribers.


Our Key Tasks

  • Collection and critical review of relevant national and international literature.
  • Dissemination of findings in accessible and multiple formats, including knowledge translation, to the community, industry and other key stakeholders, to enable consumers and their carers to make informed choices and access evidence-based interventions.


Our Sponsor

The Home Modification Information Clearinghouse (HMinfo) is funded by the Commonwealth Government Department of Health.