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Provided by the HMinfo Clearinghouse
Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice
Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice


HMinfo provides Home Modification resources to support Home Modification service providers and researchers, as well as older people, people with disability, and their carers. These resources include research publications and technical publications, by HMinfo and others, as well as research data, guides, and practical tools.

HMinfo Research Publications

HMinfo produces academically rigorous research-based documents on Home Modification policy and practice. The range of research publication types reflect the approach and research method for HMinfo Research Projects and the intended audience for the information.


Evidence Based Practice Reviews

HMinfo Evidence Based Practice Reviews investigate the existing research evidence for the effectiveness of particular home modification design and building practices, using a systematic review methodology.

Consumer Factsheets

HMinfo Consumer Factsheets translate research evidence for home modification design and building practices into concise information for consumers.

Industry Factsheets and Checklists

HMinfo Industry Factsheets and Checklists translate research evidence for home modification design and building practices into information to assist home modification prescribers and practitioners.

Occasional Research Papers

HMinfo Occasional Research Papers are individually commissioned research papers on existing or emerging issues in home design and home modifications for older people, people with disability, and carers.

Summary Bulletins

HMinfo Summary Bulletins provide a concise overview of the important issues relating to a particular home modification topic.



HMinfo Libraries

HMinfo produces Libraries providing access to Home Modification related data and tools that can assist with Home Modification research and service provision.

Research Library

The HMinfo Research Library contains an in-depth collection of materials on home modifications and related subjects.

Enabling Block Library

The HMinfo Enabling Block Library drawings and models provide the space and other environmental requirements for the safe and effective access of a range of mobility products.

Home Modification Case Study Library

The HMinfo Case Study Library showcases actual home modification cases so they can be reused for problem sensing and problem solving.



Bibliographies and Web Links

HMinfo produces additional research resources alongside its research publications. These bibliographies and web links can assist other researchers and practitioners in the Home Modifications field.

Subject Bibliographies

HMinfo Subject Bibliographies provide a selection of references for particular topics of interest to industry and other researchers. Each reference is annotated with a short description and evaluation.

Annotated Web Links

HMinfo Annotated Web Links are an edited collection of international and national websites containing information relevant to home modification decisions.



Publications by Others

HMinfo publishes home modification related work by others, in addition to its own HMinfo research publications, to provide a means of sharing knowledge and building the home modifications evidence base. These other publications include innovative design solutions, academic research and technical reports, and completed theses and dissertations, in the fields of Home Modification and Inclusive Design.



Legislation, Standards and Guidelines

HMinfo provides guidance on the application of the Building Code of Australia (National Construction Code), and Australian Standards and Guidelines, for home modifications. Both the construction requirements and the requirements of Australia’s rights-based disability discrimination legislation that covers access to premises, are explained.