Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice

HMinfo Research Publications

HMinfo produce academically rigorous research-based publications on Home Modification policy and practice. The range of research publication types reflect the approach and research method for HMinfo Research Projects and the intended audience for the information.

Evidence Based Practice Reviews

Evidence Based Practice Reviews are a systematic review of the existing research evidence for the effectiveness of particular home modification design and building practices. Through evaluation of this published evidence, strategies most likely to achieve best practice home modification outcomes can be identified.

Consumer Factsheets

HMinfo Consumer Factsheets translate research evidence for Home Modification design and building practices into concise information for consumers. This information is designed to assist older people, people with disability, and carers, when planning and undertaking Home Modifications.

Industry Factsheets and Checklists

HMinfo Industry Factsheets and Checklists translate research evidence for home modification design and building practices into information to assist Home Modification prescribers and practitioners. This information is designed to guide Home Modification providers on important regulatory requirements, technical specifications and user considerations in the implementation of particular Home Modifications.

Occasional Research Papers

HMinfo Occasional Research Papers are individually commissioned research papers on existing or emerging issues in home design and home modifications for older people, for people with disability, or for carers. Occasional Research Papers can include systematic reviews of literature on particular Home Modification issues, and examination of policy impact and practice concerns. Many papers also report on original research studies. Types of study include design analyses, cost-benefit analyses, and consumer and industry surveys and co-design.

Summary Bulletins

HMinfo Summary Bulletins provide a concise overview of the important issues relating to a particular home modification topic. They are intended to guide older people, people with disability, carers, and home modification prescribers and practitioners, in making Home Modification decisions. The information assists in determining the most appropriate Home Modification approach for each person, in the context of their home environment and care service mix.