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DIY Home Modifications: What information is required at point-of-sale? Final Report

Authors: Bridge, C., Carnemolla, P., Maalsen, S., O'Neil, S., Zmudzki, F.
Published: 4th April 2016
Audience: Authors, Consumers, Government/NGOs/Peaks, Industry, Librarians/Researchers/Students
ISBN: 978‐0‐7334‐3585‐0


Television shows like The Block and House Rules are fuelling a ‘do it yourself’ revolution, and this reserach conforms that older people, people with disabilities and their familes are no exception. This reserach outlines what motivated them and what frustrated them in doing the disability modifications without service supports.

Consumer responses ranked hardware stores as the most utilised or popular place to source information about DIY.
The study confirmed in the retail data of at least 15,000 DIY modifications per year, and conservative economic analysis revealed that the annual cost offset to health and aged care services could be as much as $15 million per annum.

The results from the combined data collection support the project’s initial premise to develop point of sale resources. It is recommended that further research be conducted into understanding the most effective mechanisms for providing the type of information resources identified as needed by this research to the people who need it most, particularly given the changing nature of home hardware offerings and distribution of knowledge, skill and competences involved in doing DIY.This research forms the objectives for Stage 2 of the DIY Home Modification project being undertaken. 

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Executive Summary  


Aims and Methods  

Perspectives of Consumers, Government and Industry: Semi-structured interviews  

Economic Analysis of DIY Home Modification Market

Video Ethnography Outcomes

DIY Home Modification Resources: World Café



Appendix 1: Participant Information Sheet 

Appendix 2: Consent Form   

Appendix 3: Interviews – Semi-structured questions and themes  

Appendix 4: Coding for Interviews  

Appendix 5: Coding Tree  

Appendix 6: Consumer Surveys  

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