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Information Needs of Peak Consumer Organisations within NSW

Authors: Bridge, C., Cruikshank, A.
Published: 1st April 2004
Audience: Authors, Consumers, Government/NGOs/Peaks, Industry, Librarians/Researchers/Students
ISBN: 1 86487 566 6


This paper explores the home modification information needs of peak consumer organisations in NSW. It considers where consumer peaks locate the information and how they disseminate the information to their consumers.

Publication History

1st edition Home modification information needs of peak consumer organisations in NSW by Adam Cruickshank and Catherine Bridge, April 2004. Reprinted July 2014

Table of Contents


Publication History 



Project Aims 



Sampling frame 

Interview process 

Interview schedule 

Theoretical Sensitivity 

Thematic analysis 

Spatial requirements 

Locating required information 

Carer requirement

Product requirement

Requirement for community inclusion 

Requirements for meeting standards of care 

Disability access components 

Funding policy 

Building and land regulation 

Natural environment

Built environment


Summary of findings 


Appendix A: Sampling frame 

Appendix B: Invitation to participate 

Appendix C: Subject information sheet

Appendix D: Ethical consent


Appendix E: Semi-structured interview guide 

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