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Home Modifications in Aboriginal Housing

Authors: Bridge, C., Davy, L., Millikan, L., Walls, R.
Published: 1st July 2012
Audience: Consumers, Government/NGOs/Peaks, Industry, Librarians/Researchers/Students
ISBN: 978-0-7334-30


Current housing provision for Aboriginal people is inappropriate due to its lack of cultural relevance, incompatibility with the geographic landscape, poor design and state of disrepair, and its inability to cater to the functional impairment of Aboriginal older people and people with disabilities. Inadequate housing supply, inappropriate home environments and a high incidence of disability and long-term health issues has led to compounded disadvantage, which means that many Aboriginal people with disabilities may face heightened difficulties. The complex relationship between inadequate housing supply, poor housing conditions, overcrowding, and health and disability needs to be explored further in order to design the most effective home environments in remote Aboriginal communities.

Table of Contents




Aims and methods 

Structure of this report

Home environments and health in Aboriginal communities 

The home environment, home modifications, and  wellbeing 

The home environment, home modifications, and specific health conditions 

Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases 

Diseases of the circulatory system  

Otitis media and glue ear

Blindness and ocular impairments 

Infestation and infection 

Machado Joseph Disease 

Cognitive impairments 

General considerations in designing effective home environments for Aboriginal clients 

Culturally appropriate housing 

Home-like environment

Importance of country 

Outdoor living 

Family and kin groups 

Housing and healthy living practices 


Hygiene and cleanliness 

Pest and parasite management

Housing and the environment

Landscape fit

Building and construction materials 




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