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HMinfo Case Studies Evaluation

Authors: Bridge, C.
Published: 1st May 2005
Audience: Authors, Consumers, Government/NGOs/Peaks, Industry, Librarians/Researchers/Students
ISBN: 1 86487 770 7


Report from surveys conducted regarding the case studies area of the HMinfo website. The case study prototype was made public when the HMinfo Clearinghouse website was officially launched in November 2003. By September of 2004 there were 95 registered users, including Home Modification and Maintenance Service (HMMS) providers (63%), Occupational Therapists (12%), Home and Community Care providers (7%), Local Government Associations (7%), design students (5%), Consumer peaks (5%) and government authorities (3%).

Publication History

1st edition HMinfo Case Studies Evaluation by Catherine Bridge, May 2005. Reprinted June 2014.

Table of Contents


  • Publication History
  • Introduction
  • Web log analysis of performance
  • Heuristic evaluation of online performance
    • Analysis of open ended qualitative comments
    • Interpreting feedback regarding Case studies framework
    • Interpreting feedback regarding reuse reasoning
    • Interpreting feedback regarding case presentation
    • Interpreting feedback regarding user navigation browsing
    • Interpreting feedback regarding adding a case
    • Other qualitative feedback
    • Suggestions for improvements
    • Summary
  • Bibliography


  • Figure 1. Distribution of HMinfo case registered users by professional grouping (Oct 02, 2003 - Dec 08, 2004)
  • Figure 2. Breakdown of case study page views by page type and percentage of views


  • Table 1. Demographic information
  • Table 2. Prior Internet familiarity
  • Table 3. Task of locating a case
  • Table 4. Task of submitting a new case
  • Table 5. Open ended feedback

Reads: 1545
Downloads: 358

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