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Annex Home Standard

Authors: Annex Org
Published: 1st September 2013
Audience: Consumers


Annex Home Standard

Annex home standard is a client-centered method to achieve quality housing outcomes for families. Annex aims to be a home standard that spans international frontiers to enable people with creative freedom to plan design and build homes that are accesible and affordable in an environment that is transparent and free from corruption.

This process-oriented and client-centered standard benchmarks the methods and processes that lead to quality housing outcomes.

Annex home is the easy way to achieve complete coverage in Australia for all planning and development requirements for accessible and adaptable housing to AS 4299 and As 1428.1. and Designers Duties under WHS 2012, ISO 9001 Quality Systems and other often requested ethical conduct policy and reporting.

Table of Contents

  • Annex 1 Housing Rights / Home Affordability
  • Annex 2 Quality of Living
  • Annex 3 Home Safety and Security
  • Annex 4 Accessible and Usable
  • Annex 5 Rewards Quality

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