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Inclusive housing in Australia - a voluntary response

Authors: Adkins, B., Franz, J., Ward, M.
Published: 18th September 2012
Audience: Authors, Government/NGOs/Peaks, Industry, Librarians/Researchers/Students


Ward, Margaret, Franz, Jill M., & Adkins, Barbara (2012) Inclusive housing in Australia – a voluntary response. In Nelson, J (Ed.) Proceedings of World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (WASET), WASET, Stockholm, Sweden, pp. 344-352.

The lack of inclusive housing in Australia contributes to the marginalization and exclusion of people with disability and older people from family and community life. The Australian government has handed over the responsibility of increasing the supply of inclusive housing to the housing industry through an agreed national access standard and a voluntary strategy. Voluntary strategies have not been successful in other constituencies and little is known about what would work in Australia today. Findings from a research project into the voluntariness of the housing industry indicate that a reliable and consistent supply is unlikely without an equivalent increase in demand. The strategy has, however, an important role to play in the task of changing housing industry practices towards building more inclusive communities.

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