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Improving accessibility of schools (Sri Lanka)

Authors: Whybrow, S.
Published: 10th September 2006
Audience: Authors, Government/NGOs/Peaks, Industry, Librarians/Researchers/Students


Education is important for everybody - this includes people with and without disabilities. Among other things, education gives us the opportunityto learn to read and write, it gives us the opportunity to make friends and socialise with other people, and it gives us the opportunity to learn new skills — skills that are important for employment in later life.

The Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) recognises the importance of educationfor social and economic development through the various educational initiatives it has taken. However, many children with disabilities overwhelmingly are not included in either mainstream or specialist schooling. While there are many barriers that still exist to ensuring equal access to education for people with disabilities, this booklet focuses on the issues of physical accessibility to the school facility.

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