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Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice
Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice

Home Modifications in Strata Properties: Final Report

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Authors Easthope, H., van den Nouwelant, R.
Audience Consumers

Leichhardt Council engaged the City Futures Research Centre at the University of NSW to examine the accessibility needs and challenges of people living in strata-titled properties in the Leichhardt Council area. This report provides a summary of the findings of this research.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary  
1 Introduction
2 Background
   2.1 Strata schemes
   2.2 Rates of disability
   2.3 Ageing population
   2.4 Policy
3 The accessibility needs of people living in strata dwellings
   3.1 Common home modifications
   3.2 Difficult home modifications
4 Organising home modifications in strata properties
   4.1 Who provides home modifications
   4.2 Typical scenarios
   4.3 Home Modification and Maintenance Services
   4.4 What an owners corporation should take into account
   4.5 Cost considerations
   4.6 Time considerations
   4.7 People who can help
5 Difficulties in organising home modifications 8
   5.1 Difficulties faced by residents and owners corporations
   5.2 Difficulties faced by service providers
6 Dealing with difficult cases
   6.1 The legal position
   6.2 Options for taking matters further
7 Opportunities for change
   7.1 New properties
   7.2 Existing properties
   7.3 Summary
Appendix 1: Population, strata population, population with disability for various areas
Appendix 2: Information sheet
Appendix 3: Approval flowchart

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