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Summary Bulletin: Gardening at Home

Authors: Bridge, C., Carnemolla, P.
Illustrators/Contributors: Svenger, M.
Published: 4th June 2014
Audience: Consumers, Government/NGOs/Peaks, Industry, Librarians/Researchers/Students
ISBN: 978-0-7334-34


This Summary Bulletin recognises the importance of providing a safe and accessible environment for older people and those living with a disability when they enjoy and tend to a garden – be it their own private garden or a shared community area. This report provides a reference for modifying or designing garden spaces to be appropriate for a safe and enjoyable gardening experience for all abilities and ages.  Inaccessible gardens and unmanageable house and garden maintenance are recognised as factors for older people making the decision to move house (Judd et. al, 2014). Therefore low maintenance, accessible gardens are important in the support of older people who want to remain in their homes as long as possible.

This report summarises how to approach accessible and safe garden designs and is laid out in three sections.

Publication History:

1st edition Gardening at Home: Summary Bulletin by Lara Oram and Lyndal Millikan, December 2007.

Contribution of Authors:

This is the second edition of the Summary Bulletin: Gardening at Home replacing the original publication of the same name, authored by Lara Oram and Lyndal Millikan (2007).

Phillippa Carnemolla undertook the research for this second edition. She developed the content, and formatted and wrote the Summary Bulletin.  Associate Professor Catherine Bridge also provided content for inclusion in the Summary Bulletin, and advised, restructured and reviewed the final report.

Table of Contents

Contribution of Authors  2

Reproduction of material 3

Table of Contents  4

Figures  6

Tables  6

Introduction  7

Background  7

Section 1: The Accessible Garden Environment 9

The Residential Garden  9

Accessible Landscape Features  10

Stairs  18

Ramp Design  18

Plants and accessibility  19

Planting Schemes  19

Section 2: Accessible Garden Planning, Tools and Equipment 20

Accessible Garden Beds  20

Raised Garden Beds  20

Table Planters  21

Vertical Gardens  21

Watering  29

Garden Planning  29

Products to assist in safe and accessible gardening practice  32

Section 3: Safety in the garden  39

Handling soil, potting mix and mulches  40

Commercial products and chemicals  40

General gardening equipment safety  41

Plant Safety  42

Sourcing safe and sustainable plants  44

Poisonous or venomous animals and insects  44

Conclusion  45

Appendix 1: Gardening at Home Checklist 47

Appendix 2: Standards Relevant to Accessible Gardening at Home  48

References  50

Specialist Review Panel

Nell RickardNell Rickard Landscape Architect Australian Institute of Landscape ArchitectsGuest Expert Reviewer
Sandra LightfootMacarthur Home Modifications and Maintenance ServicesIndustry Panel
Beverley GarlickBeverley Garlick Architects Royal Institute of ArchitectsIndustry Panel

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Downloads: 724

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