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Summary Bulletin: Home Modification and Maintenance Information Clearinghouse Website Usability Survey

Authors: Bridge, C.
Published: 1st February 2006
Audience: Authors, Government/NGOs/Peaks, Industry, Librarians/Researchers/Students
ISBN: 1 86487 836 3


Summary report of a usability survey conducted by HMInfo to ask users about their modification and adaptation information needs as relevant to improving housing outcomes for older persons, carers and/or people with disabilities. This was an initiative to assist in upgrading the website as HMInfo moves to the Human Services Network.

Publication History

1st edition Home Modification Information Clearinghouse Website Usability Survey by Catherine Bridge, February 2006. Reprinted June 2014

Table of Contents



Suggestions and criticisms 


Survey respondent’s professional background 

Survey respondent’s geographical location 

Locating the website in the first instance 

Prior experience of using the website 

Areas of the website that are most valued 

Overall user friendliness 

Value of website training 

Information of most value to users 

Features requested 

Website features that would increase value 

Reasons for recommending the website to others 

Perceived information gathering success 

Alternative sources of information 


Appendix 1: HMinfo Website Usability Survey 

Appendix 2: Invitation to Participate 


Reads: 1371
Downloads: 219

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