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Industry Factsheet: Slip Resistance of Ramps 2nd ed.

Authors: Bridge, C., Quinn, J.
Published: 12th July 2016
Audience: Industry
ISBN: 978-0-7334-3654-3
DOI: 10.4227/169/5b2885b3ea6ba


The purpose of this factsheet is to assist ‘Do It Yourself’ consumers and home modification providers to choose ramp materials that comply with the slip resistance requirements in the Building Code of Australia [BCA]. This can reduce the risk of slips and falls on ramps in homes.

Additionally, to assist new ramp installers to determine some of the types of floor materials that could meet the requirements for slip resistance, an Appendix - Slip resistance of ramp materials - Examples has been prepared.

Table of Contents

  • Slip resistance requirements for ramps in the BCA (NCC 2016)
  • How do I choose a ramp floor material that will meet the slip resistance requirements in the BCA (NCC 2016)?
  • Can surface treatments or coatings increase the slip resistance of a ramp floor material?
  • Slip resistant ramp floor materials
  • Will a slip resistant ramp remain slip resistant?
  • What else needs to be considered when choosing a slip resistant ramp floor material?
  • Where can I find more information?

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