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Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice
Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice

Designing home environments for people who experience problems with cognition and who display aggressive or self- injurious behaviour. Ed. 2

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Authors Bridge, C., Home Modification Information Clearinghouse
Illustrators/Contributors Vasilakopoulou, K.
Audience Industry, Librarians/Researchers/Students
ISBN 978-0-7334-3869-1
DOI 10.26288/5e28e44191304

People who experience problems with cognition have many adverse behavioural symptoms. Incidences of aggressive or self-injurious behaviours can occur and environmental factors seem to affect these behaviours. The objective of this publication was to determine the physical design features of a home environment that would impact aggressive or self-injurious behaviour in people with cognitive deficits.

The systematic research through the HMinfo Library, Google Scholar and Standard Electronic Databases provided 581 publications, 30 of which were analysed and included in the review.

Little specific information pertaining to the design requirements of the physical home environment for people who experience problems with cognition who display aggressive or self-injurious behaviour exists. The majority of the studies included in this Review were from the USA, pertaining to people with dementia displaying aggressive behaviours. Nine guidelines have been highlighted to assist in the design of optimum home environments. However, not a great deal of literature pertaining to physical home design for people who experience problems with cognition exists, particularly pertaining to those who display self-injurious behaviour. Further research in the home environment is clearly needed.

Table of Contents

Cognitive impairment and conditions

Aggressive and self-injurious behaviour


Importance of the Review

Prior Review



Research Question

Question Refinement Strategy

Search Terms

Search Strategy

Outcomes of Search

Studies Analysed

Nationality of literature

Quality of evidence

Cognitive populations identified in the literature

Target behaviours identified in the literature

Home environments identified in the literature

Analysis outcomes


Design recommendations



Appendix 1

Specialist Review Panel

Michelle DonellySouthern Cross UniversityGuest Reviewer
Lyndal MillikaniCareIndustry Panel

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