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Women and aging: a clinical social work perspective

Journal of Women & Aging

Author: Kerson, T. S.
Type: Journal Article
Year: 1989


Based on a review of the literature, clinical social work programs available to aging women are described. Such programs are categorized as oriented either toward well or frail elders: in the well, the goal is to support & restore in order to maintain independence; in the frail, the goal is to help the physically &/or mentally debilitated to avoid institutionalization, maintain maximal independence, & redefine autonomy. Services are further divided between those for women in the middle years (ages 45-65) & the elderly. Services to women in the middle years focus primarily on widows, displaced homemakers, & caregivers; here, role transition, rather than age is the meaningful marker. Programs for elderly women focus on maintaining independence often in the face of increasing frailty; in this group, clinical services are also based on functional ability. Programs in each of these categories range from support, education, & reminiscence groups to foster care & long-term management programs, & from day care services to psychotherapy.

Further Details

Pages: 123-147
Volume: 1
Issue: 1-3
Accession Number: 13.5.03
Research Notes: Electronoc copy added 21/08/2013
Keywords: oldercognitivemobility
Reads: 150