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Toward Healthy Aging: A Theory for Community Health Nursing

Public Health Nursing

Author: Boyle, J. S., Counts, M. M.
Type: Journal Article
Year: 1988


In this research project we explored beliefs about healthy aging in a Appalachian community. A major goal was to develop theory for community health nursing interventions that promote and maintain health during the aging process. A convenience sample of 105 community informants responded to an open-ended interview schedule that elicited beliefs and values of health and aging. The data were analyzed for the purpose of producing grounded theory; a major category that emerged portrayed the aging process as a collection of attitudes about oneself. Health was described as feeling good and being able to enjoy life. The informants reported that health is maintained by good nutrtion, exercise, and an environment that is safe and promotes individual growth and development. A beginning theory of independence through self-care and client involvement emerged from the data analysis. A second component of the theory suggested that to promote healthy aging, populations. Nursing interventions that are grounded in the understanding of cultural beliefs and practices are likely to be more beneficial to clients than those that ignore or displace such beliefs and practices. This theory has the potential of being extended to a variety of settings.

Further Details

Full Title: Public Health Nursing
Pages: 45-51
Volume: 5
Issue: 1
Accession Number: 18.3.03
Research Notes: Electronic copy added 21/08/2013
Keywords: North Americaolderhealth improvement
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