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Three-track care: older patient, family member, and physician in the medical visit

Journal of Aging Studies

Author: Hasselkus, B. R.
Type: Journal Article
Year: 1994


Ongoing discourse from 40 transcribed medical visits involving an elderly patient, family caregiver, & physician reflects uncertainties about the capabilities & responsibilities of each person in this triad. Interactive behaviours that support patient self-care capabilities & those that support dependency are identified & described, & patterns of interaction related to the patients' cognitive or sensory impairments are explored. The presence of a family member at an older patient's medical visit - in combination with the authoritarian traditions of medical care, assumptions about frailty & aging, & true impairment - appear to trigger behaviors that marginalize the patient & support dependent self-care. Behaviours that support independent self-care are less evident. An awareness of this tendency may enable physicians, family members, & patients to break the cycle of increasing dependence & support instead the patient's adult independent status in the clinic setting.

Further Details

Pages: 291-307
Volume: 8
Issue: 3
Accession Number: 30.4.03
Keywords: older, cognitive
Reads: 155