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The physical and social environment of the person with Alzheimer's disease

Aging & Mental Health

Author: Calkins, M. P.
Type: Journal Article
Year: 2001


In this article Calkins reviews some of the common themes about the current state of knowledge about environments for people with Alzheimer's disease, found in the papers by Lawton, Charness & Holley. She provides more concrete examples of links between research and design and presents a more systematic view of the physical and social environment, which may serve as a foundation for future research on care settings for people with dementia.

Further Details

Full Title: Aging & Mental Health
Pages: S74-S78
Volume: 5
Issue: Supplement 1
Accession Number: 21.09.05
Electronic Resource Number: 10.1080/713650003 /
Keywords: cognitive, design
Reads: 136