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Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice

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The family and ageing in Korea: a new concern and challenge

Ageing & Society

Author: Choi, S. J.
Year: 1996
Type: Journal Article


The impact of transformations in Korean family & social structures on the elderly is discussed, with a specific emphasis on the effects of modernization. Increased life expectancy, greater ratios of elderly in rural areas, decreases in family size, a boom in separate housing for the elderly, & increased female participation in employment & social activities have all contributed to unprecedented difficulties facing the elderly & their families. These factors, in combination with changing social values as a result of modernization, have led to four main concerns for the elderly population: poverty & economic dependence, the shortage of health care resources, the alteration of roles within the family, & psychological & social alienation. It is argued that the state must abandon policies that seek economic development at any cost & instead pursue social welfare in association with economic goals. Coping with growing numbers of isolated & economically dependent elderly demands that the state recognize its duty to care for the elderly while also promoting family care through emphasis on filial piety & responsibility.

Further Details

Full Title Ageing & Society
Pages 1-25
Volume 16
Issue 1
Accession Number 27.3.03
Electronic Resource Number
Keywords Asia, older, health improvement

Reads 236