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The application of disabilty data from epidemiological surveys to the development of indicators of service needs for dependent elderly people

Age and Ageing

Author: Leibovici, D., Curtis, S., Ritchie, K.
Type: Journal Article
Year: 1995


Increases in the prevalence of disability due to the ageing of the population have given rise to the need for simple indicators which may be used to estimate service needs and to assess whether resources have been fairly distributed. The present study involved the validation of an indicator based on confinement level by reference to epidemiological studies of disability, social support, and living conditions in three regions of France. Using factorial correspondence analysis and regression methods it was found that such an indicator could adequately summarize more complex empirical observations and thus provide a means of classifying elderly populations into four dependency groups. While comparisons of the percentage of persons classified at each level with national data suggest that the observations from the three studies may be reasonably representative of France as a whole, the application of this indicator to other European countries should be preceded by a preliminary validation involving regional or national health survey data for each country. The use of this indicator should also be complemented by individual need assessment procedures.

Further Details

Full Title: Age and Ageing
Pages: 14-20
Volume: 24
Issue: 1
Accession Number: 13.3.03
Research Notes: Electronic copy added 22/08/2013
Keywords: Europemobilityassessmentolder
Reads: 124