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The Accessibility Checklist : an Evaluation System for Buildings and Outdoor Settings.

Author: Goltsman, S. M., Gilbert, T. A., Wohlford, S. D.
Type: Book
Year: 1993


The Accessibility Checklist was developed based on the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards and California's Title 24 building codes. In addition, the checklist covers several recreational facilities and elements that are not specifically addressed in the codes. Survey Forms which include standards not currently required by law are Play Equipment Areas, Campsites and parts of both Swimming Pools and Site Furniture. The Accessibility Checklist is presented in two documents - the User's Guide and the Survey Forms. The User's Guide provides the information needed to prepare for, conduct and summarise the results of your accessibility evaluation. The volume containing the Survey Forms will be needed to conduct a thorough accessibility evaluation of a building or outdoor facility. Instructions for use of the Survey Forms are contained in the User's Guide.

Further Details

Volume: 1 - User's Guide; Vol. 2 - Survey Forms
Publish Location: Berkeley, Calif.
Publisher: MIG Communications
Accession Number: 4.2.04
Keywords: North America, mobility, design, legislation compliance, regulation compliance, ramp, stair, pool/spa
Reads: 385