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Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice

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Quality of life and place therapy.

Journal of Housing for the Elderly

Author: Chaudhury, H.
Year: 2003
Type: Journal Article


Outlines the key aspects of the theoretical framework of quality of life (QOL) as they relate to the exploratory work in place therapy, focusing on the influence of the ideas of M. Powell Lawton. Key dimensions of the QOL model, such as temporality, influenced and inspired this study of reminiscence of personally meaningful past places among 8 cognitively intact and 13 cognitively impaired residents of 4 nursing homes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was found that residents with dementia could recollect segments and episodes of their past places, especially childhood places, when prompted by personally meaningful facts that served as triggers in retrieving these memories. More importantly, the places recollected acted as vehicles for remembering various life events and experiences. The therapeutic potential of place-based reminiscence is proposed as an avenue in understanding and enhancing the QOL of older adults in long term care facilities. Potential avenues for further inquiry in place therapy are suggested

Further Details

Full Title Journal of Housing for the Elderly
Pages 85-103
Volume 17
Issue 1/2
Accession Number 17.10.03
Keywords North America, older, cognitive, health improvement

Reads 382