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Profile of handicap situations in children with cerebral palsy

Scandinavian Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine

Author: Lepage, C., Noreau, L., Bernard, P. M., Fougeyrollas, P.
Type: Journal Article
Year: 1998


The purposes of this study were to establish a profile of handicap situations in children with cerebral palsy and to identify some variables associated with the occurrence of these situations. Ninety-eight children with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy (mean age +/- 1 SD, 10.5 +/- 3.5 years) were recruited on a voluntary basis. The Life Habits Assessment (LIFE-H, version 1.0) was used to measure the degree of accomplishment in 12 categories of life situations (activities of daily living and social roles). Significant disruptions in the accomplishment of all life habit categories were revealed. The highest disruptions were observed in the following categories: recreation, community, personal care, education, mobility, housing and nutrition. Disruption progressed significantly with increased severity of cerebral palsy. Impairment type, severity, speech and language disorders, and comprehension difficulties explained a high percentage of the total variance (greater than 60%) in the accomplishment of life habits. The results suggest that life habits related to school and social integration are greatly disturbed.

Further Details

Pages: 263-72.
Volume: 30
Issue: 4
Accession Number: December, 2010
Keywords: child, cognitive, assessment
Reads: 219