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Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice

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Privatization and protective services for the elderly: some observations on the economics of the aging process

International Journal of Law & Psychiatry

Author: Gordon, Robert M., Verdun Jones, Simon N.
Year: 1986
Type: Journal Article


An examination of how the mentally infirm elderly in Canada have been affected by the recent trend toward deinstitutionalization & privatization. Potential idealist & materialist explanations for this trend are discussed, drawn largely from the works of "revisionist historians" of social control, eg, D. Rothman, Michel Foucault, M. Ignatieff, & A. T. Scull. Current population projections indicate a continued aging of the population & increasingly high costs of caring for the elderly; a concurrent decrease in public expenditures for social welfare programs is expected to seriously increase the tax burden for the declining employed population. Advantages & disadvantages of public protective services & some solutions based on private sector involvement are discussed, with reference to current U.S. programs.

Further Details

Pages 311-325
Volume 8
Issue 3
Accession Number 4.4.03
Keywords North America, older

Reads 285