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Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice
Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice

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Primary health care needs of persons with physical disabilities: what are the research and service priorities?

Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Author: Burns, T. J., Batavia, A. I., Smith, Q. W., DeJong, G.
Year: 1990
Type: Journal Article


The three-stage Delphi method was used to build consensus among experts in primary care and disability on research and service priorities in the area of primary health care for persons with physical disabilities. The specific areas of focus were (1) the high rate of rehospitalization, (2) health issues associated with aging, (3) problems of access to primary care, and (4) innovative organizational approaches to financing and providing primary care services. Issues concerning personal attendant/home health care were ranked highly in all four areas and were especially dominant in the area of rehospitalization. The issue of coordinated health care management received high ratings as well, especially in the "access" area. Other prominent issues included the effects of insurance coverage and the training of primary care providers in disability-related primary care. There was a high degree of correlation between the rankings of physicians and nonphysicians, especially in the areas of hospitalization, aging, and access. This paper examines directions in which future research and service efforts should be focused.

Further Details

Full Title Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Pages 138-43
Volume 71
Issue 2
Accession Number 6.3.03
Keywords older, mobility, health improvement

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