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New estimates of the direct costs of traumatic spinal cord injuries: results of a nationwide survey


Author: Harvey, C., Wilson, S. E., Greene, C. G., Berkowitz, M., Stripling, T. E.
Type: Journal Article
Year: 1992


New estimates of the direct costs of traumatic spinal cord injuries (SCI) are obtained from a comprehensive survey of the US SCI population. These direct costs, defined as the value (in 1988 dollars) of resources used specifically to treat or to adapt to the SCI condition, represent the average experience of the US SCI population. Responses to a detailed questionnaire administered to a sample of traumatic SCI persons in the United States provide the primary source of data for this study. Analysis of this survey data indicates that more recently injured SCI persons (ie those injured since 1970) spent an average of 171 days in a hospital over the first 2 years post injury. Initial hospital expenses will average $95,203. Home modification costs in excess of $8,000 can also be expected. After recovery and rehabilitation, a SCI person will pay, on average, $2,958 per year in hospital expenses and $4,908 per year for other medical services, supplies and adaptive equipment. Personal assistance costs and costs of institutional care will average $6,269 per year. These cost estimates represent the incremental costs of SCI, ie they exclude any costs that would have been incurred in the absence of SCI.

Further Details

Publish Dates: December
Pages: 834-850
Volume: 30
Issue: 12
Accession Number: 30.4.03
Keywords: North America, modification
Reads: 165