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Light and lighting: quality in design

Access by design

Author: Cook, G.
Type: Journal Article
Year: 2000


In this design sheet the author sets out general percepts relating to light and lighting. Providing adequate lighting for people with visual impairments will normally ensure that the basic needs of all users are met. With modern technology it is possible to meet the requirements of an inclusive environment . It calls for the designer to understand the needs of the most critical user- the person with visual impairments. Lighting design should consider the three dimensional flow of light, the interplay of colour and contrast and a need for personal control. The integration of these aspects is essential if we are to produce designs of quality.

Further Details

Full Title: Access by Design
Volume: 2004
Issue: 84
Publish Location: London
Publisher: Centre for Accessible Environments (U. K.),
Accession Number: August, 2010
Keywords: lightingdesign
Reads: 182