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Incentives to Promote Home Care of the Aged

International Sociological Association paper

Author: Ramey, J. W.
Type: Journal Article
Year: 1978


A study was conducted in Cleveland, Ohio, & replicated in Winston-Salem, NC, of both financial & service incentives that might influence kin, by blood or marriage, no matter how distant, to care for elderly relatives. In the Cleveland study there was a clear-cut preference (over 50%) for a monthly check, while 22% opted for complete medical services. No other incentive was chosen by more than 7% of the Rs. In the U.S. today, about 40% of the elderly live with relatives. Of the Rs, 59% said that they would accept such a relative (N=356). There was an inverse r between age of R & willingness to accept an elderly family member in the home. NC data have not yet been completely analyzed but appear to be similar. Of the NC Rs, 61% were willing to participate in a demonstration project. Such a project is currently being developed under a grant from the Administration on Aging. Four alternatives are being developed: (1) an Administration on Aging Area Agency module, (2) an outside contractor module, (3) an interagency task force module, & (4) a module utilizing an agency likely to administer such a program if it became national policy, ie, the Social Security Administration. Findings from the first two studies & the rationale & steps being taken to implement model demonstration project development are discussed.

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Keywords: North America, older, carer
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