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Immigrant Trajectories into Homeownership: A Temporal Analysis of Residential Assimilation

International Migration Review

Author: Myers, D., Lee, S. W.
Type: Journal Article
Year: 1998


Explores the rate of advancement into homeownership of immigrants vs native-borns in southern California, using 1980 & 1990 census data. Application of a double cohort method enables longitudinal trends for immigrants, due to aging & assimilation, to be distinguished from the cohort levels observable by cross-sectional techniques. Recent immigrants as well as young native-borns are newcomers to the housing market & have lower attainment levels than earlier arrivals or older cohorts. Cohort trajectories are tracked 1980-1990, adjusting for the influence of income, education, English proficiency, & marital status. Results indicate that Asian immigrants achieved extraordinarily high levels of homeownership soon after arrival, whereas Hispanic immigrants demonstrated sustained advancement into homeownership from initially very low levels.

Further Details

Pages: 593-625
Volume: 3
Issue: 123
Accession Number: 23.5.03
Keywords: North America, older
Reads: 229