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IAQES: an expert system for indoor air quality problem resolution

AI Systems in Government Conference, 1990. Proceedings., Fifth Annual

Author: Shoom, G. B. , Bowen, D. G.
Type: Conference Paper
Year: 1990


The design of IAQES (indoor air quality testing and evaluation expert system), a rule-based expert system application that diagnoses and suggests resolutions for common air-quality complaints that occur in office buildings, is discussed. This system was built for Public Works Canada for in-house use. The IAQES provides expertise to building operators so that they may investigate and solve ordinary air-quality problems without consulting air-quality experts. The IAQES could also be part of a larger air-quality management package that would provide other services, such as ventilation system design aids and online air-quality databases. The IAQES can serve as a training tool; by making up example buildings, building maintenance personnel could learn to recognize the cause of common air-quality problems.

Further Details

Pages: 127-133
Publish Location: Washington, DC
Accession Number: 17.3.04
Keywords: North America, air, design
Reads: 131