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Hopelessness and Suicidal Feelings among the Community Dwelling Elderly in Dublin

Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine

Author: Kirby, M., Bruce, I., Radic, A., Coakley, D., Lawlor, B. A.
Type: Journal Article
Year: 1997


Dementia-free noninstitutionalized elderly residents of Dublin, Ireland (N = 891, ages 65+), were interviewed using a mental-state measure to determine the prevalence & demographic correlates of feelings of hopelessness & suicidality.Only 0.2% of respondents reported serious suicidality in the previous month, but 15.5% had experienced the feeling that life is not worth living. Somewhat surprisingly, no gender differences were apparent, & older elderly (ages 75+) were slightly less likely to report feeling hopeless or suicidal than younger elderly, suggesting that such feelings are not an integral part of aging. Depressed elderly were not more likely to be on antidepressants, pointing to a possible need for better diagnosis & treatment.

Further Details

Pages: 124-127
Volume: 14
Issue: 4
Accession Number: 13.5.03
Keywords: United Kingdom, older, behavioural, emotional
Reads: 214