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Handrail graspability

Conference on Engineering Mechanics, Part 1 (of 2).

Author: Dusenberry, D. O., Simpson, H.
Type: Conference Paper
Year: 1996


As part of an experimental program to develop design criteria for cross-sectional profiles of stairway handrails, measurements were made of the maximum grasp force (the maximum restraining force exerted by the subject as the rail is moved away from the subject) on two wood handrail designs - a 6010 decorative ('milled') handrail (the most common residential handrail style in use today) and a 51-mm (2-in.) round handrail. A total of 292 tests were performed with 73 subjects, ranging in age from 10 years to 83 years. It is concluded that the milled shape performs at least as well as the round shape, and that the maximum restraining force is developed with a hook grip (rather than, as is commonly assumed, a 'power' grip).

Further Details

Pages: 466-469
Volume: 1
Publish Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Publisher: ASCE, U.S.A.
Accession Number: 4.6.03
Keywords: rail, design, regulation compliance
Reads: 237