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Guidelines for Stair Safety.

Author: Archea, J., Collins, B. L., Stahl, F. I
Type: Book
Year: 1979


This report summarizes information and research in the area of stair use and provides design guidelines for improving stair safety. These guidelines are directed towards seven major categories of stairway design and construction: 1) structural integrity and quality of stairs 2) physical attributes of stair surfaces 3) appearance of stair surfaces 4) handrails 5) physical attributes of the surrounding stairway 6) appearance of the surrounding stairway environment 7) signs and symbols. The recommendations offered in this report derive from the premise that stairway accidents are caused by human perceptual errors, which are frequently triggered by some flaw in the design or construction of stairways themselves.

Further Details

Pages: 119
Publish Location: Washington, D.C.
Publisher: U.S. National Bureau of Standards
Accession Number: 13.5.03
Keywords: stair, safety improvement, regulation compliance
Reads: 225