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Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice

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Funding, financing and other resources for home modifications

Technology and Disability

Author: Duncan, R.
Year: 1998
Type: Journal Article


There is an increasing recognition of the growth in the need for and benefits of, home modifications. At the same time there is a lack of awareness of resources. There are also threats to many existing funding and financing sources. The public has limited familiarity of the private or public resources for home modification projects that are available to households of all income levels: the most frequently asked question from callers to the Center for Universal Design's national information services relates to paying for home modifications. As with almost all affordable housing initiatives, programs directed at home modifications for people with low incomes have insufficient funds to meet their needs. Waiting lists are common while many people receive no assistance. Federal initiatives that currently provide millions of dollars of support for home modifications for low and moderate income households are in danger of elimination or reduced funding. This will create greater competition for the uses of the remaining funds and new demands on funding from within states. Another factor in under-utilization of home modifications is that manufacturers and the housing industry do not sense great demand in the private sector. Too few households see home modifications as viable remodelling options. Remodelers have not developed skills and experience and manufacturers and retailers do not emphasize product development, design or marketing. This article reviews funding, financing, and other resources, and suggests actions to increase the availability of home modifications.

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Full Title Technology and Disability
Pages 37-50
Volume 8
Issue 1-2
Accession Number 1.4.03
Research Notes Electronic copy added 10/09/2013
Keywords modificationfundingfinancehomeOlder

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