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Failure of Existing Dwellings to House the Aged Persons: Misfit between Design and the Aged Persons' Physical Capabilities

International Sociological Association

Author: Kose, S.
Type: Journal Article
Year: 1994


Discusses the results of a survey carried out among aged residents of suburban Tokyo, Japan, exploring difficulties they experienced due to inappropriate dwelling design & seeking possible solutions. Subjective evaluations were obtained regarding the physical capabilities of the aged, physical design features of dwellings themselves, difficulties experienced in daily life, desire to redesign problematic features of dwellings. Accident experiences in dwellings were also explored. Results indicate that aged persons experience difficulties when living alone. Crucial issues needing prompt change are proposed as design guidelines for dwellings for the aging society.

Further Details

Accession Number: 15.5.03
Keywords: Asia, older, housing improvement, design, assessment
Reads: 128