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Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice

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Environmental Concern: Conceptual Definitions, Measurement Methods, and Research Findings

Journal of Environmental Psychology

Author: Fransson, N. , Garling,T.
Year: 1999
Type: Journal Article


A serious threat to human beings and their environment is the continuous and accelerating overuse and destruction of natural resources. Bearing this in mind, it is unfortunate that efforts to permanently change people's environmentally destructive behaviour through interventions has typically not been met with success. A necessary condition may be an increase in environmental concern and knowledge about the effects and consequences of the ongoing environmental deterioration for future generations. Studies are reviewed that have attempted to show (1) correlations between determinants, such as socio-demographic and/or psychological factors, and environmental concern, and (2) an impact of environmental concern on environmentally responsible behaviour. In general, correlations with background factors are weak. Factors affecting behaviour appear to be knowledge, internal locus of control (positive control beliefs), personal responsibility, and perceived threats to personal health. The need for further research that attempts to specify the process leading to environmentally responsible behaviour is highlighted. A new framework is presented which integrates some of the previous research.

Further Details

Full Title Journal of Environmental Psychology
Pages 369-382
Volume 19
Issue 4
Accession Number November, 2010
Keywords Health

Reads 237