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Enhancing life satisfaction for older adults

Journal of Applied Sociology

Author: Brown, W. R., Brown, D.
Type: Journal Article
Year: 1988


Mental illnesses, depression, & suicidal tendencies can result from extreme feelings of loneliness & boredom. Here, the negative relationships between frequent feelings of loneliness & boredom & overall satisfaction with life among older adults are examined based on interview data from a 1985/86 needs assessment study of 1,900+ adults aged 55+ in Miss, & also from a survey of 141 professionals in the area of aging. The findings show more clearly the importance of problems related to negative mental states. One of the most cost-effective & practical ways of improving overall satisfaction with life may be to give much greater attention to reducing frequent feelings of loneliness & boredom. Specific ways to reduce such feelings are derived utilizing a PSR (predetermining support/resistance to suggestions & policies) model.

Further Details

Pages: 73-87
Volume: 5
Accession Number: 26.3.03
Image: 2320433920Life Satisfaction.tif
Keywords: older, health improvement, emotional
Reads: 187