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Translating high quality research specific to better design and building practice

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Downsizing in Later Life: Myths and Realities Concerning the Movement of Older People in the Housing Market

European Network of Housing Researchers Conference

Author: Judd, B. H., Bridge, C., Davy, L., Adams, T., Liu, E. Y.
Type: Conference Proceedings


In Australia, ‘downsizing’ has become a popular term or stereotype to explain the movements of older people in the housing market. However there is little agreement on its definition and whether it refers literally to a reduction in the size of the dwelling and/or associated land to reduce maintenance, or includes moving to reduce housing costs (downpricing) or relocation due to changing life style and/or locational preferences amongst pre- or post-retirees. As populations age, the preferences of older people will become a more important housing market driver, yet there exists little research on the downsizing behavior of older people or understanding of its implications for housing policy and the housing industry. Drawing on an international literature review and a number of Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute studies, this paper explores the theoretical frameworks useful in understanding ‘downsizing’, supported by preliminary findings from a current AHURI project on downsizing.

Further Details

Publish Dates 2012
Full Title European Network of Housing Researchers Conference
Publish Location Lillehammer, Norway
Notes Respubs comment = Published on ENHR Website Respubs id = 201373443 Respubs category = E2
Proceedings Title ENHR Website
Access Date 2012/06/19/
Keywords Ageinghousingdownsizing

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