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Design for living safely and securely

Nursing Homes

Author: Clarke, J.
Type: Journal Article
Year: 1993


Because elderly people are living longer in nursing homes, their quality of life in these facilities is becoming increasingly important. To deal with this challenge, architects are concentrating on de-institutionalizing nursing homes. This has major ramifications for safety and security. The best way to insure residents' safety and security is to minimize 2 particulars: the opportunity to wander and their exposure to the risk of injury. To accommodate residents' innate desire to wander - while keeping it under strict control - the use of alcoves and seating areas off corridors is recommended. Other methods to ensure residents' safety and security are presented.

Further Details

Pages: 8+
Volume: 42
Issue: 4
ISBN/ISSN: 10614753
Accession Number: August, 2010
Keywords: older, housing improvement, design, safety improvement, security, corridor/pathway
Reads: 201