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Contrasting Services to the Aged

Social Service Review

Author: Nelson, G.
Type: Journal Article
Year: 1980


Old-age policy measures reflect a two-tier approach to the entitlements of the aged: constituent or interest group & welfare-based measures. Each reflects a different perspective on what is the necessary minimum of support that the government should guarantee to the aged. Examined is what happens when welfare-based Title XX services to the aged are combined with constituent-based Older Americans Act programs. Data are taken from questionnaires mailed to 139 Area Agencies on Aging in 1976. The result is a convergence of contrasting perspectives on service minimums, the development of a continuum of care. There are both potential dangers & opportunities in this. In the face of limited resources, there is a potential danger that state & area agency mobilization of Title XX resources will result in a loss of resources to most disadvantaged members of the older population-the poor aged who are more likely to be comprised of the very old, frail, minorities, & widows. There is also an opportunity to develop a model of social care services to the aged which, while developing a continuum of care, prioritizes the frail & most at-risk aged.

Further Details

Pages: 376-389
Volume: 54
Issue: 3
Accession Number: 23.5.03
Keywords: North America, older, health improvement, policy compliance, legislation compliance
Reads: 192