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Construction of network system and the first step of summarization for human daily action data in the sensing room

IEEE Workshop on Knowledge Media Proceedings 2002.

Author: Noguchi, H., Mori, T., Sato, T.
Type: Conference Paper
Year: 2002


This paper describes the: 1) construction of a network system for measurement and accumulation of sensor data in a room equipped with sensors; and 2) proposition of a summarization algorithm as the first step of analysis for the accumulated data. The network system is constructed via distributed object technology. The network has a module structure and three layers for easy integration of a large amount of sensors. The accumulation system is also created for an application. The accumulation is performed over the long term to analyze the human daily action data. The summarization algorithm focuses attention on the changes of the sensor data in the room. The summarized data is useful for grasping the room states at a glance.

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Pages: 17-22
Accession Number: 13.2.04
Keywords: telecommunication, design
Reads: 159