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Canadian long-term care use: what is the future?

An Aging Population, an Aging Planet and a Sustainable Future.

Author: Havens, B.
Type: Book Section
Year: 1995


Considers the future of long-term care in Canada by describing likely demographic, epidemiological, & geographic changes in its user profile, societal attitudes toward this system, & major concerns facing long-term care users. The system is described as a loose confederation of programs that provide social, personal, or comfort care rather than medically necessary care. Users of this system are variously typologized as consumers, clients, residents, & patients, each of which connotes different types of care, different degrees of user versus provider decision making, & different care requirements. It is noted that while many subpopulations use this care system, the majority are women ages 65+. Use of this care system is likely to grow dramatically due to the aging of the Canadian population at the same time that attitudes toward the system are becoming more negative. In this context, the potential for burnout among caregivers & the sustainability of current levels of care are discussed as major concerns.

Further Details

Author: Ingman, Stanley R., Pei, Xiaomei, Ekstrom, Carl D., Friedsam, Hiram J., & Bartlett, Kristy R.
Pages: 83-99
Publish Location: Denton
Publisher: Center Texas Studies
Accession Number: 30.4.03
Keywords: North America, older, carer
Reads: 230