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Britain's Ageing Population

New Society

Author: Montgomery, P.
Type: Journal Article
Year: 1979


The number of people in Great Britain aged 65+ increased by nearly 50% between 1951 & 1978. They account for 15% (7.9 million) of the total population. The elderly population itself is getting older. By 1991, the ranks of people aged 75+ will expand by more than 20%. The number of elderly females has increased more rapidly than that of males because many males who would be about age 75 now were killed during World War I, & because postwar medical advances have been relatively unsuccessful at treating the major diseases striking older males. The elderly increasingly tend to live alone. This may be due to increasing longevity among females, & increases in the number of dwellings available. Changes in the proportions of elderly people in the labor force show males working less & married females working more. Despite this, the large majority of British aged depend upon state pensions. These incomes tend to fall well below those of households where the head is employed.

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Pages: 80
Volume: 50
Issue: 888
Accession Number: 23.5.03
Keywords: United Kingdom, older, security
Reads: 245