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Author: Pheasant, S.
Type: Book
Year: 1986


British ergonomist Stephen Pheasant points out, there is no true 5th- or 95th-percentile person; someone who is at the 95th percentile for stature is likely to be at a different percentile on distribution curves for lower leg length or sitting elbow height. So a chair designed to accommodate the middle 95 percent on each of a succession of important dimensions could conceivably exclude a different 5 percent of users with each anthropometric constraint. The end result would be a chair that accommodates considerably less than 95 percent of its potential users.

Further Details

Edition: 1st
Publish Location: London
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd
ISBN/ISSN: 0850663407
Accession Number: 4.4.03
Keywords: United Kingdom, design
Reads: 205