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Back to Our Futures: Imaging Second Childhood

Images of Aging: Cultural Representations of Later Life.

Author: Hockey, J., James, A.
Type: Book Section
Year: 1995


Examines images of old age as a second childhood. The shared experiences of frailty & dependency often provide the foundations for comparisons between the elderly & young. Although the image of a second childhood may be acceptable to some, this image is often symptomatic of harmful infantilization practices imposed by outsiders, & thus, is generally resisted by elderly individuals through continuation of careers & economic independence. Those dependent on outside care in advanced old age utilize various strategies to subvert infantilization: (1) deliberate exploitation of childish strategies for personal gain, (2) development & accentuation of adult skills, & (3) references to their own age & mortality.

Further Details

Author: Featherstone, Mike, Wernick, Andrew
Pages: 135-148
Publish Location: London
Publisher: Routledge
Accession Number: 8.5.03
Keywords: older, behavioural
Reads: 230