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Associations among caregiving difficulties, burden, and rewards in caregivers to older post-rehabilitation patients

Journals of Gerontology Series B Psychological Sciences & Social Sciences. 53B

Author: Riedel, S. E., Fredman, L., Langenberg, P.
Type: Journal Article
Year: 1998


The associations between self-reported rewards and difficulties of caregiving and burden were examined in a sample of 200 informal caregivers to older post-rehabilitation patients. Sixteen percent (16%) of caregivers reported that caregiving was physically difficult only, 15% reported emotional difficulties only, 11% reported social difficulties only, 17% reported multiple difficulties, and 40% had no difficulties. Each type of difficulty (e.g., social, emotional, and physical) was significantly associated with burden in univariate and multiple linear regression analyses, controlling for confounding characteristics. Caregivers reporting multiple types of difficulty experienced higher levels of burden than caregivers who reported only one type of difficulty. Caregivers who received more rewards from caregiving reported fewer difficulties. Caregiving rewards had no independent effect on burden but modified the associations between social and emotional difficulties and burden. In summary, caregiving rewards and difficulties were not mutually exclusive, and their relationship in turn affected burden.

Further Details

Volume: 3
Issue: 74
Accession Number: 28.5.03
Keywords: older, carer, emotional
Reads: 211