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Assistive devices. Chap. 12

Handbook of Human Factors and the Older Adult

Author: Fernie, G.
Type: Book Section
Year: 1997


The author believes that the design of assistive devices is still at a primitive stage and needs the incorporation of more human factors in design. The chapter begins by discussing the concepts of universal design and proceeds to give descriptions of the categories of devices used, for example, walkers, wheelchairs, grab bars, hand rails, lifts, passenger elevators. It concludes by describing techniques for applying human factors to assistive design. Circular handrails with 38mm diameter are recommended.

Further Details

Author: Fisk, A.D., Rogers, W.A.
Num Vols: 1
Publish Location: Washington, D.C.
Publisher: Academic Press
Accession Number: 11.6.03
Keywords: older, assistive device, rail, bathroom/toilet/lavatory, stair, design
Reads: 135